Wednesday, July 13, 2011 and Xinxii publish Rebone Makgato's books

Press Release

(Press Release) – Jul 13, 2011 – Mokopane, South Africa - We are pleased to announce that Rebone Makgato, a South African author of novels, short stories, poetry and investigative journalism, entered into a publishing deal with Books by Rebone Makgato are now available on in ebook format in Kindle Store. The ebooks are downloadable in a multiple format for various reading devices.

Rebone is not new to publishing, however. In 2009 she published three paperback books via Amazon's publishing venture called Createspace. The books are: a murder mystery called A Clean Job of Murder; a collection of short stories titled Out of Africa; and an investigative study of prostitution in her hometown titled The Prostitutes of Mokopane. Her decision to publish in electronic format was based on the growing popularity of eReaders, and the growing technologically savvy population. It is the opportunity which Rebone as a writer and businesswoman rightly takes advantage of.

These three books are now offered on in ebook format as well, bringing the total number of titles on sale to 21. Amazon pages link can be accessed from

In another news development, Rebone has been personally invited by Dr Andrea Schober, founder and CEO of Xinxii, to publish with them. Xinxii is Europes's leading digital publishing platform with an ever growing list of authors. The decision to publish with Xinxii was exploited as a verified way of establishing an European sales channel of published books.

Titles published on Xinxii under Rebone Makgato are 21. They can be accessed from

We hope to see you on and

Please remember to visit Rebone's website for additional news

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Video on YouTube

Hi Bloggers

Check out this video of my book covers. Visit my website for more info about my books.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Website for Rebone's Writings

Hola Bloggers

I have created a new site specially for my books. Find me at  The purpose of this site is to showcase my literary works. Visitors to this site could expect to find news about my writing career, books published, news about upcoming works and links to website where they can sample and purchase my works. Most of my works are available in ebook format, with a number of downloadable choices that could be utilised on almost all eReaders.

Besides updating news about my writing career on that site, I would also provide readers with snippets, book flyers, profile pictures and synopsis of works available for sale. I will also provide links to timely press releases for any news about books either published or in the pipeline.

I am providing free sampling especially for my readers so they can retain that hardest of all freedoms: the freedom choose and purchase works that they feel are of the quality and standards which match their hard earned money.

Occasionally there'd be discount coupons which readers can utilise, cash in for value for their money.

That being said, please take your time to browse through the works and view cover pictures.

See you at

Monday, July 4, 2011

Rebone Now Publishing on

Readers and Surfers

Just a quick note: I am now publishing my works on To view the books available and download samples, please click on this link:

To go through press releases about Rebone's works, and read book flaps, please visit the news site:


Monday, May 16, 2011


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Been tied up building a website for my business, so it's not like I've neglected Writes on Rebone. So perhaps we'll keep busy listing to my selection of nostalgic tracks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Out Of Africa

Dear bloggers

Please note that another of my books, Out Of Africa, is now available on This collection of short stories includes two of my award winning short stories, namely The Good Samaritan and The Journey.

The collection spans over two decades of my writings, and includes two short stories called Personal Surprise and Nurse Laura's Affair. These two never before published stories were written in the late 1980s, and I am sure many readers will like them.

Get the ebook, download it and enjoy pure literary masterpieces from Africa.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Now Available: Rebone's Books

Book Lovers

Two books now available for download.

A Clean Job Of Murder The Prostitutes Of Mokopane
Genre: Murder Mystery Genre: Investigative Journalism
Get your own copies at